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We Have Permission podcast

Jan 4, 2021

Listen in as I have a conversation with Mark Nelson. Mark and Alan Hirsch recently coauthored the book "Reframation." It's about using new frames to accent the ancient good news gospel.  If you've ever shared in the crisis of articulating the grandness of God in a language that the world will understand, then this...

Dec 7, 2020

Listen in as I have a conversation with a much respected follower of Jesus. Charlie is pursuing the challenging call of church planting. This episode will provide lots of application as we let Charlie take us along on the process of his journey. 

Nov 2, 2020

Listen in as I surprise my 2 board members with some questions about this disruptive season in our country. 

Oct 5, 2020

The Care Center is a prime example of what a mature mission looks like. No two missions look the same but all should pass through the stages of Team, Group and Gathering. Listen in as we ask Cody about how these stages looked for him and how they may look for you! 

Sep 6, 2020

We ask my close friend and prophetic counterpart Dave Shockey his thoughts on the what it means to keep the end in mind, how we recognize the kingdom of heaven, and what’s our role as christians in the social justice movements?